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Dealing with Custody Disputes, Relationship Breakdowns, Family Law Court and Domestic Violence Orders in the Early Years Sector



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1 hour
Child Protection

About this training

This short course provides educators informaion on dealing with family and domestic disputes.  At the completion of this course Educators will be equipped with knowledge, strategies and plans to respond professionally and safely to a variety of family and domestic situation which are often driven by emotion and instability. 

Course duration: 1 hours

Pre-Requisites:  Nil

Learning Assessment: Multiple choice questions through the course.  No further study or assessment.

Certificate: Available for download at the time of successful completion of the online learning.

Learning Outcomes of this course include:

Educators will be able to:

  • Identify and respond to family disputes professionally and safely
  • Identify and respond to domestic disputes professionally and safely
  • Disseminate a Family Law Court Order
  • Disseminate a Domestic Violence Order
  • Communicate effectively to parties involved
  • Identify and implement strategies to reduce risk to children involved in family and domestic disturbances